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  • Operate in UNIX environment
    • Fortran 90 (such as intel Fortran) and MPI (OpenMPI, intelMPI etc) are required
    • It is desirable to be able to use OpenMP
    • LAPACK
Core Developers
  • Kazuma NAKAMURA (Department of Basic Sciences, Kyushu Institute of Technology)<li>
  • Yoshihide YOSHIMOTO (Department of Computer Science, The University of Tokyo)
  • Yoshiro NOHARA
  • Yusuke NOMURA (Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo)
  • Terumasa TADANO (National Institute for Materials Science)
Target substance/model

Metals,semiconductors,transition metal compounds, organic compounds, etc.

Physical quantities that can be computed

Maximally localized Wannier function (Wannier-interpolation band, real-space Wannier function, onsite-energy and transfer-integral parameters, etc), RPA response function (optical absorption spectrum, electron energy loss function), Frequency-dependent electronic interaction parameters


Maximally localized Wannier function, Many-body perturbation theory (RPA, constrained RPA)


Parallel job support (MPI, OpenMP). Confirmation of operation in System B at ISSP, Univ. Tokyo.

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