Last Update:2021/03/05

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GNU GPL version 3
Availability Linux
Core Developers Truong Vinh Truong Duy (Nissan ARC), Taisuke Ozaki (the University of Tokyo)
Target substance/model Numerical library
Methodology Multi-dimensional fast Fourier transformation with minimum communication
Parallelization MPI parallelization and MPI/OpenMP hybrid parallelization are supported. Massively parallel calculation on K-computer has been reported.


Other Sales point It enables us to efficiently perform three- and four dimensional FFT in an arbitrary size. The library exhibits a good performance on the K-computer and PC clusters because of an optimized data structure minimizing the communication volume for a given number of MPI processes. It is easy to introduce the library for C and Fortran programs using the well developed interface. Related Application FFTW3 is required.