Last Update:2021/03/05

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Apache License 2.0

Availability Linux, Mac, Windows. Python 3.6 or later. numpy and scipy are required. Qiskit is required for running with IBM cloud quantum computer. Sympy and numba are required for some features. For quantum chemical calculation, use with OpenfermionBlueqat and OpenFermion is convenience.
Core Developers Takumi Kato (MDR), Yuichiro Minato (MDR), Yuma Murata (D Slit Technologies), Satoshi Takezawa (TerraSky)
Physical quantities that can be computed energy, eigenvalue of Hermitian matrices
Methodology VQE, UCC, UCCSD, quantum computing, quantum computer
Document Reduction of Orbital Space for Molecular Orbital Calculations with Quantum Computation Simulator for Educations, Y. Mochizuki, et. al. (URL:
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