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GNU GPL Version 3
Please cite the following reference if you publish your research using OVITO. If possible, please cite also the URL of the official website.


Binary files for Unix/Linux, Windows, Mac are distributed.
OpenGL 2.1 or later is needed. Source codes (C+11) are also available from the following URL.

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“Visualization and analysis of atomistic simulation data with OVITO – the Open Visualization Tool”, A. Stukowski, Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng. 18 (2010), 015012.


Supporting Applications/Formats

  • CASTEP: MD/GEOM files(*.md, *.geom), Cell files(*.cell)
  • FHI-aims: Geometry files
  • HOOMD-blue: GSD/HOOMD files
  • IMD: IMD files
  • AtomEye: CFC files
  • LAMMPS: Data files, Binary Dump files, Text Dump files
  • PDB: PDB files(*.pdb)
  • VASP: POSCAR files, XDATCAR files, CHGCAR files
  • VTK: VTK files
  • Other formats: NetCDF files, XYZ files(*.xyz)