New version: HPhi 3.3.0

 ver. 3.3.0 has been released!  Changes are listed below.

New feature
  • Standard mode
    • Added the parameters to tune the lattice size, the range, the strength of interactions etc. for the wannier90 lattice. See details for Chap. Downfolding with Wannier functions in HPhi’s manual.
    • Added OmegaOrg keyword for specifying the origin of the frequency for calculating spectrum.
      • Similar to the parameter in modpara.def for the expert mode (the standard mode can only specify the real part).
  • Expert mode
    • Added the mode to output the excited vector in the calculating spectrum mode.
      • Specify by the parameter OutputExcitedVec in calcmod.def file.
  • The sign of one-body diagonal terms was opposite for the real-time evolution mode.