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The GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2
Availability Necessary to compile on Unix/Linux OS.
Core Developers Hiroshi Shinaoka (Saitama University) Emanuel Gull (University of Michigan) Philipp Werner (University of Fribourg)
Target substance/model
  • Impurity model (Impurity Anderson model, etc.)
  • Effective impurity model derived from the dynamical mean-field model
Physical quantities that can be computed Average of local observables, one- and two-body correlation functions for local observables, energy, specific heat, etc.
Methodology Hybridization expansion quantum Monte Carlo method
Parallelization This package Supports MPI parallel computation.
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Document Hiroshi Shinaoka, Emanuel Gull, Philipp Werner, "Continuous-time hybridization expansion quantum impurity solver for multi-orbital systems with complex hybridizations" Computer Physics Communications 215, 128–136 (2017).